Civil Rights Cold Case Records Collection Act

On January 8, 2019, President Trump signed the Civil Rights Cold Case Records Collection Act of 2018.  This marks the first occasion that a group of high school students have successfully engineered a bill through Congress.   Stuart Wexler, a teacher at Hightstown High School in New Jersey, engaged students in his Government and Politics class […]

Charles “Allie” Thompson Commemoration

On Saturday, November 17, 2018, in Culpeper, Virginia, the lives of three men, Charles “Allie” Thompson (d. 1918), William Grayson (d. 1850), and William Thompson (d. 1877), were remembered. The men were all lynched in Culpeper County. The Remembrance and Reflection event at the Culpeper Baptist Church marked the centennial of Allie Thompson’s lynching.  The […]