DRS Upload

CRRJ DRS File Upload Protocol

The Civil Rights and Restorative Justice Project, with help from the Digital Scholarship Group of Northeastern University’s Snell Library, will be maintaining a new digital archive of its case files. This serves two purposes: (1) the content that is uploaded remains the property of Northeastern University (CRRJ) and is properly archived and backed up on university servers and (2) this repository serves as a holding bay for CRRJ content that is able to eventually become flagged for public use and distribution on the CRRJ website <crrj.northeastern.edu>.


One may wish to upload content into the CRRJ DRS Archive for reasons such as: collecting data and research while building a new case, organizing existing or past data and research for current cases, or for archiving reports and other publications of the CRRJ clinic.


The upload process is as follows:


First Step

Fill out and save this CRRJ release form prior to beginning the upload process. Save it for your records, as it will contain information required when uploading items into the CRRJ DRS Archive. For your convenience, you can have this form automatically emailed to your NEU email account upon completion of the form.

Second Step

Navigate to https://repository.library.northeastern.edu/collections/neu:cj82nf54v 

Third Step

Click the “login” button in the top right corner of the page, and login using your myNEU login credentials i.e. username: doe.j password: dogs1234

Fourth Step

After logging in, the page should reload and your name should be displayed in the top right-hand corner where the “login” button once was.

Fifth Step

Navigate to the appropriate collection folder. CRRJ will create folders for relevant cases that you may be building. Simply use the graphical interface to navigate through the folders, i.e. if you will be contributing to an investigation in Fall 2016, you would navigate to CRRJ -> Case Studies -> Fall 2016 Investigations

Last Step

Upload your content, only after first filling out and saving this CRRJ release form. After that form is completed, upload your file(s) by simply clicking the bottom right-hand “Add” button and select “Upload File.”